The Institute for Gravitronomic Inertiametrics


Sciencing in the 20th Century

Humble Beginnings

Belgian scientician Dr. Prof. Florence Hesketh-Dorleac moved to sunny San Diego, California, at the turn of the last century. It was there, in a drafty Spanish mission-style building overlooking La Jolla Shores, that she founded the Institute for Gravitronomic Inertiametrics. Her mission was simple:

To understand the Universe and how it is different from the other ones.

1901 was a time when science was ready to learn more about the Universe. What does it look like? Does it have a taste? Does it exist on the back of a tortoise? Can it fit inside a breadbox, given a large enough breadbox? Is it really so strange or are we just paranoid?

Dr. Prof. Hesketh-Dorleac assembled a team of world-class gravitronomists.

Standing, L to R
Dr. Prof. Amedeo Schwaldenheimer,
Dr. Prof. Walter J. Bullock,
Dr. Prof. Theophrastus Todd,
The Rt. Hon. Francis-Fritz Fring Von Franz,
Baron Dr. Prof. Charles d’Udekem d’Acoz,
Dr. Prof. Alexander Pants

Seated, L to R
Dr. Prof. Florence Hesketh-Dorleac,
Dr. Prof. Ewa Kicka,
Dr. Prof. Albert Lambshanks


The Universe Is Discovered