The Institute for Gravitronomic Inertiametrics


A Sixth Sense: Direction

Over 30 years after the discovery of the relationship bees have with the earth’s magnetic field (Gould, Kirschvink, Deffeyes, 1978), leading researchers from the Institute’s Center for Theoretical and Applied Geonomics, partnered with the Institute’s Department of Electromagnetic Biomestry, have made a discovery of their own. Dr. Jónar Sørensen, official director of the joint study, […]

On the Principles of Human-Powered Flight

Once the purview of science fiction—and indeed outright fantasy (cf. “Ballooning Craze” of the 18th century [Holmes 2009])—the theory, principles, properties, and morality behind self-contained human-powered flight through the air have been discovered under the auspices of the Institute for Gravitronomic Inertiametrics. Dr. Annabelle Clumber, currently a journeyman inertiametricist in her third of a five-year

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