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Ask a Scientician

Shortly after their respective accessions to the post of Senior Gravitronomist, Drs. Prof. Howard, Hunter, Kaplan, and Turner launched a campaign of public dissemination of the Institute’s findings.

Ask a Scientician was delivered as 8mm film reels to public schools, research universities, and federal government break rooms — all across a nation eager for knowledge.

Today, regrettably little material remains due to a spate of suspicious fires, but the legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of today’s brightest scienticians.

Episode 1: Time, Cats, Aliens, and Gravitronomy

Wherein the Institute’s scienticians teach us about the innerworkings of time, folktales surrounding our feline friends, our location in the solar system, and a brief overview of Gravitronomy.

Have a science question?

Send it in! Please use a type P envelope or our mail department will shred it.

Ask a Scientician
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Episode 2: Eyes, French, the Sexes, and a Science Joke

Wherein the Institute’s scienticians teach us about the functionality of an eyeball, an international science question, the difference between the sexes, and a scientifically accurate joke.

Fields we’re qualified to discuss:

  • Biology
  • Gravity
  • Starstuff
  • Philosophy
  • Electromagnetics
  • Deep-sea monsters
  • Above-ground plants
  • Density
  • Wood
  • Bucket
  • Most colors
  • Bones
  • Geography
  • Dreams
  • Foreshadowing

Episode 3: Wisdom Teeth, Growing Up, Flight, and Drowning

Wherein the Institute’s scienticians teach us about the purpose of wisdom teeth, the vagaries of maturing, the secrets of flight, and the science behind drowning.

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